Taeza's Bottomline BBQ was started by myself Roger Taeza in 2014. In search of the best Brisket ,Tri-Tip ,Ribs and Chicken I decided to create my own Dry rub and perfected a blend of spices to create an amazing Flavorful Meat, as well as other homemade rubs and homemade BBQ sauce for Ribs and Chicken. I have been BBQ'en for years and decided that I wanted to turn my BBQ passion into my destiny. Our name "Bottomline" was created by my myself because I like to BBQ and that's the Bottomline. Our team is  ready to cater and  serve you some AWESOME BBQ. 

Taeza's Bottomline BBQ's signature rub and open-flame grill bring out the unique flavors in every piece of meat we cook. We apply our signature rub and allow the flavors to permeate the meat for at least 48 hours before we grill our Tri-Tip, Ribs and Chicken on our open-flame grill. All Tri-Tip cooked to Medium to Medium-Rare unless otherwise requested. Chicken may have a pink tint due to smoking but it is fully cooked.

Our Grill


Slow cooked for 12 hours lightly smoked and seasoned with my special dry rub

Our Team              

Our Specialties

Seasoned with our signature rub and grilled over an open flame; cooked to perfection.


 Seasoned with our homemade dry rubs and lightly glazed with our homemade BBQ sauce.


Mouth watering, and juicy, seasoned with our homemade rubs and BBQ sauce.